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Number One Arlington Drain Clearing Professionals

keep your drain clean with our Arlington drain clearing professionalsClogs happen. It's just the nature of plumbing. Whether you have tree roots invading your main line or a three-year old who likes to watch his Lego boats spiral down the toilet, our Arlington drain clearing crew has handled it all. Most clogs can be cleared with a simple hand auger, often referred to as a drain snake. An experienced tech can usually have a toilet or sink cleared in a matter of minutes. Tubs and floor drains take a bit longer.

If a hand auger isn't long enough or strong enough to clear the blockage in the pipes, our Arlington drain clearing specialists will bring in the big guns, the power auger. This motorized drain clearing machine runs up to 200 feet down your drain line and tears through clogs like a hot knife through butter. This is the tool of choice for clearing main line tree root clogs and grease build ups.

Our Arlington Plumbers Use a Live Video Camera to Check Your Drain

Arlington plumbers use a live video camera to check the drainOur techs also use a live video camera to check the clog once it has been cleared to make sure that no debris remains. It wouldn't be good if the clog was removed but there was a tree root still lodged in the drain pipe. The root would simply catch more debris and cause another clog. We will make sure the clog, and anything that caused it, is completely eradicated.

Once you've called in a Arlington drain clearing expert your drains will run like they did when they were first installed. The main line or any other area that was clogged will be thoroughly cleansed, and you'll be able to use it worry free for years to come (unless you have a pesky little one that likes flushing toys). Give our drain clearing team a call today and make your slow-moving drain history!