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Arlington TX Water Heater Repair & Installation

Arlington water heater repair specialist testing electrical flowIf you've ever tried to take a shower without a working hot water heater, you already know it's not a fun experience. If you've ever tried to put off repairs by showering at a friend's house - or skipping a couple of showers altogether - you already know that it's a quick way to strain a friendship.

Don't waste time or money on inferior hot water repair service providers. Our Arlington water heater repair team knows their way around every make, model, and configuration of hot water heater, from the largest commercial heaters to the smallest on-demand models. All of our technicians are thoroughly trained and retrained to deal with every common water heater issue, and we've collectively dealt with every single water heater issue imaginable. Our sophisticated deployment and communication intranet allows us to get the necessary skills to your doorstep within hours, and sometimes minutes, to clean up your water heater issues in a fraction of the time that the competition can offer. Call today and our Arlington Texas plumbing contractors will be there in a flash to fix your water heater.

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Yes! We Install New Water Heaters in Arlington Texas

reliable water heater in Arlington TexasWhen you think of innovative technologies, plumbing probably doesn't come to mind. That's a shame, since there have been hundreds of little innovations in water heater technology over the last decade that have collectively produced water heaters can that can deliver hot water faster, smarter, and cheaper than older models by leaps and bounds.

America has always led the way in insulation and conduction technology, so it shouldn't be a surprise that many of the advances in water heaters have been based on superior insulation and superior conduction. Today, water heaters are much better at efficiently turning gas and electricity into hot water, since the conductive plates between the anodes and pilot lights have much higher heat transfer, and water heaters are also less likely to bleed heat into the surrounding air and infrastructure. Older water heaters were often manufactured with such poor insulation that an additional wrap (a blanket, essentially) can noticeably raise the insulation. Modern water heaters are manufactured with all their insulation on the inside, and between the crucial components as well, which means that you can expect a longer lifespan out of your new water heater.

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Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for Me?

Rinnai tankless water heater installed by Arlington plumberTankless water heaters get a lot of good press, but the fact of the matter is that they're not right for every home, user, or consumer. Tankless water heaters will typically have higher energy efficiency, but they will also cost considerably more than conventional water heaters, and may also require an additional connection. If you have a larger than average household, the additional strain may also be too much for your tankless, unless you go with an unusually large model. While hot water is produced continuously and on-demand, there are only so many fixtures and appliances that can be supplied simultaneously.

The important thing in either case is to check the energy factor of your water heater candidates and do the math. You can often find the energy factor of a water heater printed on the side - even on older models - so it's easy to tell exactly how much savings you can expect from a new water heater. You can even calculate the payoff period to find the exact date when you've recouped your investment.

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When in doubt, it's always best to speak to one of our Arlington Texas water heater repair & installation specialists about your water heater options. There are many factors at play when deciding on a new water heater, including your current plumbing infrastructure, and it's a decision you're bound to live with for years to come. Call our Arlington TX plumbers any time, at 817-550-8682, or click here to email us today.